At Handelin Law, we provide a full array of estate planning and administration services. As Estate Planning attorneys, we draft trusts, wills, living wills, powers of attorney, and health care planning documents  for our clients. By preparing your estate plan with trusted estate planning attorneys, you remove the burden from your loved ones by planning ahead and directing your care and monetary distributions. We understand that in times of incapacity and after your passing, loved ones will be focused on you and possibly the memory of you, and often will not be thinking rationally or clearly. It is one of the most difficult times in life when someone loses a spouse, parent, or loved one; you want to be sure that you have a law firm that will stand by your estate plan. By planning for what happens to your estate after you are gone, you save your family the added burden of deciding who gets what. We can help your family navigate through any issues with creditors, insurance companies, or healthcare providers during a difficult time. We will make sure that your wishes are carried out, even when you are no longer here.


You need a competent and reliable law firm on which you can count on. At Handelin Law, we custom tailor each estate planning to your specific needs and the needs of your family. No two estates are alike and using a cookie-cutter approach can leave your beneficiaries with unforeseen problems or worse yet, your healthcare without sufficient direction. Through articulating your individual needs and wants, we craft a custom estate plan to fit your wishes. We will leave no detail untouched when considering what is best for you and your loved ones. Here are just a few of the estate planning services we provide:

With a properly prepared estate plan, you can control who receives your assets and who oversees the distributions. If you do not leave an estate plan upon your death, you let the laws of the State of Nevada to dictate who receives your property. By acting now, Handelin Law can help you to prevent an undesirable outcome and retain power over your property, even in death.

We handle estate planning in Reno, in Carson City, and estate planning in the Tahoe Basin. We are here to serve you and your family.


As estate planning attorneys in Reno, we have experience in the state of Nevada with administering the estates of the deceased and all the issues that can be associated with that process. We have represented executors, administrators, beneficiaries, and creditors and know the ins and outs of the process. In Reno and Carson City, we are regularly hired by beneficiaries to provide sound guidance regarding the beneficiary rights as well as the duties of the trustee, personal representative, executor or administrator.

We also have strategic relationships with accounting, financial planning, and charitable organizations. Handelin Law believes the best estate and life planning comes from a team approach that brings together the top experts available in their specific areas of life and estate planning.

There is no situation we cannot handle. We have represented executors by probating wills and managing the trust administration process. We have represented administrators in challenging circumstances when the deceased left no will. We have represented successor trustees of trusts in all capacities and circumstances. We have prepared or assisted in the preparation of federal estate and gift tax returns. As Estate Planning Attorneys, we have counseled our clients with on post-mortem tax planning. In every circumstance where our scope of representation is allowed, we ensure that your beneficiaries’ rights are protected.


Trust law is a complex field of law. The estate planning lawyers of Handelin Law are knowledgeable and adept at counseling our clients on trust issues from the basic to the complex. Our team of experienced attorneys has given guidance to corporations and individuals alike, serving as trustees. We can assist trustees when a beneficiary is questioning their judgment regarding the fulfillment of their fiduciary responsibilities. We also answer their questions about general trust administration. If you are a trustee and need advice about your role and responsibilities, Handelin Law can help.

A beneficiary of a trust may have questions regarding their rights of the trust estate. A trustee is unlikely to have answers to a beneficiary’s questions, and the unanswered questions often remain that way, which leads to uncertainty which invariably leads to litigation. Do not leave those questions unanswered; we can provide professional guidance and make sure that you know your rights as a beneficiary and are prepared to enforce those rights through the appropriate judicial petition if necessary.


If you are seeking a law firm to help you plan your estate in the greater Reno or Carson City or Tahoe Basin region, Handelin Law is here to handle your estate planning needs. If any challenges arise to your authority over your estate, we are thoroughly familiar with the Nevada and California court systems and know how to get the most out of it. Don’t put off creating an estate plan another minute. Call us or fill out our online contact form to schedule your appointment today. Someone from our staff would be happy to discuss your estate planning needs.


A comprehensive estate plan addresses all potential issues regarding health care decisions, wealth management and preservation, succession to real and personal property, and care of your children and grandchildren. Without proper planning, your family will be required to handle your affairs according to the State’s presumed preference, not your specific desires.

At Handelin Law, we understand each client brings their own unique circumstances and desires for their estate and family. Before your appointment, we will provide you with a questionnaire to complete. During the initial consultation, we review your questionnaire, discuss your overall desires, and help determine your precise needs. Our knowledgeable attorneys will assist you with your planning goals and determine the most efficient and effective plan of action for your estate plan. After the consultation, we then custom tailor a comprehensive estate plan for you. Finally, we will encourage you to participate in an annual review to ensure that an active estate plan always most accurately reflects your current and long term goals.

Handelin Law represents individuals, families, privately-owned companies, foundations, and fiduciaries to prepare for any situation that may arise. We maintain close relationships with professionals in tax, investment, and insurance industries, as well as valuation experts to ensure the best all-around advice for our clients.

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