Business Law

Starting your own business provides many benefits to entrepreneurs, such as working in a field you enjoy, creating a schedule that promotes healthy work-life balance, and the opportunity to earn rewards that come with building a successful enterprise.

However, the acts of creating and operating a business also come with significant risks. Some risks which entrepreneurs can prepare for and avoid, and others, which are more difficult to prevent without extensive experience and knowledge.

With so much to learn about management, pricing, marketing, and various other helpful business topics, it is apparent that several skills help you establish and grow a company.
Yet, business owners cannot be an expert on every topic. Therefore, entrepreneurs looking to create a company must rely on specialists and professionals that can help solve complex business problems and prevent them from occurring in the first place.
And when it comes to legal matters that arise between businesses, the public, and the government, it’s essential to have an experienced business attorney as a trusted advisor who can get your business out of any binds.

But how exactly can business lawyers help you operate your company successfully? Here are several reasons why it is crucial to have a business law expert on your team while forming and running a business entity.

Business Lawyers Help with The Incorporation Process
Are you planning to start a business? A business lawyer can help you determine which legal structure will benefit your company and guide you through the incorporation process.
Whether you are considering being a sole proprietor, establishing an LLC, or incorporating a business, it is vital to understand both the differences between business entities and the legal implications of the structure you select.

After determining which legal structure you would like to protect your business, a corporate attorney will help you register your business with your state and inform you of local laws that entrepreneurs should know.

Without this knowledge, you run the risk of breaking federal, state, or local laws, which jeopardize your business and put it at risk of premature failure. One of the best reasons to work with a business law profession is because they will set you on the right path while forming your organization.

Corporate Attorneys Offer Helpful Advice During a Merger or Acquisition

Let’s say that you run a successful business and would like to sell it to an individual investor or a private equity fund. What is the best way to successfully exit your business while maximizing the profits you receive?

Business owners that work with business law professionals regularly achieve more remarkable results than entrepreneurs that independently sell their companies. Unfortunately, it is not always simple for entrepreneurs to exit their companies without an advisor to help them through the process.
Determining your company valuation, finding a buyer, and completing the due diligence process can take anywhere from several months to over a year complete. Additionally, there are several steps to follow which are challenging to manage while also running a successful organization.

Business Law Firms Maintain Your Legal Documents
A significant part of the merger and acquisition process is ensuring that you have all your paperwork in order. An experienced attorney will draft, maintain, and manage business documents to comply with state laws or use them during the due diligence process whenever you decide to sell your company.
Law Professionals Can Minimize Your Business Liability

Are you aware of all the conflicts which can arise between your business, other organizations, the public, and the government? No business owner can be an expert in every field, and it’s simple to make mistakes that have profound legal consequences on your business.

Fortunately, a law attorney will help you avoid common problems and work to reduce your business liability when issues arise. The best way to stop a lawsuit is to take the necessary precautions to protect your business before problems arise. You can trust experienced attorneys to inform you of business risks before they occur.

Business Attorneys Are Familiar with The Bankruptcy Process

Not every business owner ends up creating a successful company. Some do not achieve the level of success they would like and decide to exit their businesses. If they are unable to sell their company, another option is to file bankruptcy.

While bankruptcy seems like a frightening process, a business attorney will guide you through it and make bankruptcy proceedings as stress-free as possible.

Do You Need an Experienced and Successful Business Lawyer?
Few advisors are as crucial to new and existing companies as a business attorney. The right attorney can help you form, manage, and operate your company per local, state, and federal laws. If you would like help creating a business or protecting an existing entity through legal troubles, contact Handelin Law today at (775) 882-8032 or book your appointment here.