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Put Handelin Law to work for you!

Put Handelin Law to work for you!

Handelin Law, LTD are a team of lawyers providing superior legal services and products throughout Nevada and California. Experienced attorney Steven Handelin practices primarily in Estate Planning (incorporating asset protection), Business formation and advisement (including business transactions) and commercial and complex Litigation.

Are you looking for an experienced attorney who will fight for your rights?  The primary focus at Handelin Law is in helping you understand the legalities of your situation, advance your rights, and expeditiously resolve your matter.

Whether you are trying to organize an estate or business, attorney Steve Handelin will use his experience to help you understand your situation, prepare, explain and secure the proper documentation and be available to ensure that your short and long terms objectives are met.

Estate Planning Helps Your Peace of Mind

Estate Planning is a very important and personal decision, yet is frequently put on the back burner because of the high level of anxiety it can cause. Many people find it disturbing–after all, your own and others’ mortality must be confronted!

But proper Estate Planning can actually create a greater sense of peace of mind and emotional freedom when done with an experienced attorney by your side.

By clearly defining and being aware of your long term objectives and short term goals, you will know how to plan for your or your children’s guardianship, create a living trust, contribute to the charities of your choice more effectively, plan the succession of your business, how to avoid probate or utilize probate to your advantage and other costly avoidable expenses, and even get advice on effective financial and tax planning through trusted advisers.

Each individual has specific requirements and desires regarding their estate planning needs. There is no cookie cutter version of Estate Planning, but there are specific, and sometimes state specific laws to follow. Handelin Law can help you navigate and choose the best path to follow for your Estate Planning needs in both Nevada and California.

Correct Business Formations Can Save You Money

The joy and excitement of starting your own business can swiftly turn to frustration and disappointment if the corporate documents are not set up properly, or not filed correctly.

A business-specific plan of action must be created, and followed, to be effective. Handelin Law has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the business formation process and create the right entity for your business. We help you select the best business structure to fit your specific needs by evaluating the tax advantages, potential legal exposure, management and succession plans.

Litigation Can Be A Daunting Process Without an Attorney

Handelin Law prepares to take every case to trial.  However, we understand not every legal dispute will end up going to trial, and  we assess each case to develop the most cost-effective resolution, mediation and arbitration, including analyzing whether mediation and arbitration is an option. And if legal disputes cannot be resolved through arbitration, mediation, or a negotiated settlement, then you need an experienced attorney on your side.

Although the litigation process may take time, at Handelin Law we keep you informed throughout the entire litigation process, and make sure you are actively involved in the decision making process and never in the dark about your case or the legal process. We want you to be confident in the results of your legal action.

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