Nevada Legal Services

Nevada Legal Services

Carson City Legal Services

Our Nevada legal services include Estate Planning, Probate, Living Wills & Trusts, Business Formation, Litigation and more. We are here to protect your rights and your future.
Reno native and Attorney at Law Steve Handelin is a proud member of the Nevada Bar Association, Washoe County Bar Association, as well as the American Bar Association.

Estate Planning

At Handelin Law, our primary focus is the client and their ever changing needs. We approach each estate plan personally, understanding that each client will present a set of unique circumstances and desires.

Business Formation & Advisement

The goal of any business entity, from formation to dissolution, is to provide value for you and your customers/clients. Value can come in many forms, whether it be personal or asset protection or a mechanism in which to procure investments.
For most, the real value is protecting you and your company while getting your products and services to your target customers. CLICK HERE for more on Nevada Business Formation


Most people have never been directly involved in a lawsuit. Lawsuits, either at the state or federal level, usually take on a life of their own, requiring the involvement of numerous people such as witnesses and expert witnesses in addition to the attorneys and parties. To this end, most people who do find themselves involved in the Lawsuits can be surprised by the amount of time and effort involved in litigating a case through trial.
At Handelin Law, we break down the litigation process into defined segments and provide an honest, thorough 6evaluation from the outset and throughout the discovery process to effectively resolve and litigate your case. CLICK HERE for more on Nevada Litigation

Other Legal Services

CLICK HERE for more information about other Nevada Legal Services available at Handelin Law
Handelin Law is proud to provide legal services to the following Nevada areas: Washoe County. Carson County, Douglas County, Storey County, Lyon County, Churchill County, Mineral County, Esmeralda County, Lander County, Eureka County, Elko County, and Whitepine County.

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