What You Must Know During the COVID-19 Reopening of Nevada

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As life is slowly coming back to normal, it is vital that you understand things are not going to go right back to the way they were. Our attorneys at Handelin Law have three things you must be aware of and look out for during the reopening of Nevada.

COVID-19 is still spreading

Governor Sisolak announced Nevada will start Phase 1 of the reopening back in May. Slowly but surely our community has become a little more lively; however, this does not mean that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) can no longer affect us. We must understand that we are still preventing the spread of this disease. This means as mandated by Sisolak “During Phase 1, individuals are encouraged to stay home as much as possible, as well as continuing to follow aggressive social distancing.”. Everyone here at Handelin Law has encouraged since day one, for every client that comes into our facility to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, and keep any pens they use here. We have also taken the steps provided by OSHA to ensure our offices remain sanitized and safe. If your business has been lucky enough to reopen, it is critical that you take the appropriate measures to keep you, your staff, and customers safe.

 There will be more infections

Inevitably, there will be more infections, but we can reduce the rate in which these occur. As our community starts to regain its social life once again, the chances of there being additional cases of COVID-19 are very probable. The difference between now and March is we now have a better understanding of how the Coronavirus spreads and how we can prevent it. The Coronavirus will not completely disappear, but we can keep ourselves safe and healthy. As cases increase, stay safe, and remain in your home if that is what makes you feel more comfortable.

Masks are required

On June 24th Governor Sisolak announced masks will be required in public and private businesses. Some rules and regulations you must know are:

  • Fabric coverings are accepted
  • Businesses will face violations if they fail to meet the requirements
  • Businesses have the right to ask customers to leave if they are not following the mandates
  • You will not be fined but there may be a possibility of monetary penalties
  • Children between ages 2 through 9 do not need to wear a mask
  • No mask is needed while eating or drinking at a restaurant

You can find all other facts and information about the mask mandates by clicking here.

Handelin Law will remain open as usual, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. We do require masks when inside our facility. We are still offering video or phone consultations if those are preferred. Please call us to schedule a consultation or if you have any questions at 775 882 8032.