Top 3 Legal Concerns During COVID-19

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On National Law Day, Handelin Law wanted to address the top three legal concerns we have heard from clients and the public during COVID-19: estate planning concerns: business strategy and operation concerns, and family law concerns.

Estate Planning Concerns

With the weight of the pandemic, people now more than ever feel the need to get their affairs in order. Thankfully, law firms are an essential business in both Nevada and California. This means that you can get some peace of mind knowing you can refresh your estate plan and cross that off your to-do list. Steve Handelin recently hosted an Estate Planning Webinar, where he provided a broad overview of estate planning, the components of an estate plan, and some common concerns and questions. Handelin Law continues to adapt to the current crisis, so contact us today and we can help you start building or refreshing your estate plan from the safety of your home.

Business Strategy Concerns

Due to the loss of revenue, some businesses are not reaching daily, weekly, or monthly goals to not only sustain but grow their business. If your small business has been in the fortunate position of being able to remain open, there are several employment and labor law concerns that you should be aware of. First and foremost, if you have not already, you must advise your employees of their rights under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. The United States Department of Labor has issued guidance and the required poster/notice. Additionally, the Nevada Office of Labor Commission has provided a frequently asked questions about the different rights and responsibilities for employees and employers. Please see the Office of Labor Commissioner Employer & Employee Information on COVID-19. Finally, you should be aware of any additional safety measures that you are required to implement, such as those set forth in The Occupational Safety and Health Administration comprehensive guide to assist small businesses with determining their risk rate and the steps that they need to take. Contact us, should you have any questions or remaining concerns.

Family Law Concerns

Many problems may arise concerning custody arrangements during COVID-19. Problems that may occur include but are not limited to: a parent being at high risk of being exposed to the virus due to work, family member, or friend; your child being at high risk due to underlying health conditions, or a parent falling ill. If any of these situations do arise, it may be necessary to review your custody agreements and ensure that you come to a written agreement with the other parent to ensure that you are not violating a court order. This should be an agreement between both parents, it can be temporary, and it does not have to cause tension as long as both sides understand the risks of your situation and the necessity of a modification in order to preserve the best interest of your child. If an agreement cannot be reached, the Courts are still open and processing emergency situations. If you find yourself in a bind and need help, Handelin Law is here for you. We are accepting telephonic/video consultations to practice social distancing.

Handelin Law understands the vast amount of legal concerns all sorts of people, families, businesses, and you may be dealing with that was not included in our top 3 concerns. We are still here to help. Please call us at 775 882 8032 or schedule a consultation today with the hyperlink being the schedule a consultation.