Is it Important to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer when Buying a Home?

A lot is involved when you’re buying a home for the first time. You have to go through all the paperwork and ensure the contract between you and the seller is valid. Sometimes it is hectic noting any dubious contracts when buying a home as a newbie. If you want to facilitate the home buying process, you need Real Estate Law in Lyon County and Douglas County, California. If you’re planning to buy a new home, here we give you all the reasons why you should think of hiring a real estate attorney to take you through the process.

Ensure legal transfer

The first role of a real estate lawyer is to ensure there is a legal transfer of ownership from the home seller to the buyer. The lawyer actively prepares and reviews all the property documents to ensure they are legit and valid before any funds are transferred to the seller.
Ideally, what the lawyer does will vary depending on whether the seller or the buyer hires them. The state laws will also determine what the lawyer can do in the home purchase process.

Handle real property transactions

A real estate lawyer handles all the real property transactions to ensure they go through swiftly. In most cases, purchasing a real property does not mean going to court to finalize all the documents. All you need is to hire a lawyer to prepare or review all the necessary records for the transaction.
This may include the contracts and the additional agreements you make with the property seller, title deeds, and transfer documents.

Also, to ensure there are no liens and claims against the property you are buying, a real estate attorney will handle the title searches and title insurance.
The real estate lawyer will also provide the transfer of funds to the property seller and the lender acting as a third party and witness that the transfer took place. If any issues arise that can delay the sale, a real estate attorney will help fix the problem.

Protect your interest

If you hire a real estate lawyer as a home buyer, they will be there to safeguard your best interest. The attorney will ensure there is authenticity in the legal documents involved in the transaction. The estate lawyer will countercheck all the documents and ensure you are not getting into any traps while buying the real property.
You are free to ask your lawyer to review the documents of purchase and confirm if they are valid or not. They can also explain the legality of documents in a simple language that you can understand.

Assist with closing

When you’re closing the deal, your estate attorney may be available to help. Closing is the final step in acquiring a new property. This is the day the property ownership is transferred to the new buyer. This makes closing an essential part of any transaction.
On this closing day, a real estate lawyer can be there to facilitate all the legal documentation and transactions you will be involved in, like creating a Statement of Adjustments.

Final Thoughts
You need an estate lawyer if you look forward to buying a real property this year. A real estate lawyer can help you arrange title insurance, protect your interests, handle all foreclosure proceedings, provide legal representation, and assist you with closing.
When buying your first property or a home, you can reduce the risk of being duped or falling into traps by hiring a lawyer to help you in the process. These are some of the reasons you should call an estate attorney now at Handelin law now.