How to Avoid a Lawsuit if You Own a Business

Picture of a woman holding a document that says Lawsuit for our blog "How to avoid a lawsuit"


There will never be an ideal time for a lawsuit, regardless of the amount at issue. Often, people who have a lawsuit filed against them did not realize what they were doing or, worse, face serious damage to their reputation. Handelin Law has provided services in a variety of lawsuits and have put together a few things you can do today so your business can avoid a lawsuit.

Create Business Policies and Procedures

First things first, your business needs properly drafted policies and procedures. These policies and procedures must be read, signed, and followed by every employee. Having a detailed policies and procedures that are well enforced will keep you and your staff safe from injuries in the office, mistakes made with equipment as well as customer service.

Insurance Protection

Insure your business, this will not keep you from being sued in some circumstances; however, being insured can help with the financial strains that come from a lawsuit. Not all insurance is foolproof so read and know your policy to make sure you are protected.

Customer Service and Vendor Relations

Upset customers and vendors can be the source of litigation, so train your staff on excellent customer and vendor service. Mistakes can happen in a business whether it be a restaurant, a retail store, or a construction company but it is your responsibility to train your employees correctly so they do not further upset a customer or vendor which can lead to a lawsuit.

Vendor Relations

Aside from customer service, you must have great vendor relationships as well. Compatibility and communication matter to ensure fewer errors and mistakes. If your business relies on vendors to receive products be sure you are both at an understanding before signing a contract, this will keep your business out of any sort of lawsuit.

Document Transactions

One of the most important steps you can take to protect your business is documentation. If you document everything, you have a higher chance of minimizing legal situations. Documentation can be electronically stored and can be anything from contracts, receipts, communications, and more.

When and if the day comes that your business has a lawsuit filed against it, make sure you have an experienced litigation attorney from Handelin Law. Some common situations you may run into are alleged breaches of contract, ownership disagreements, and inability to pay debts. We offer a variety of civil litigation services. If you have found yourself in a situation like such, schedule a consultation with Handelin Law or call us at 775.882.8032.