How the Intake Process Works

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Handelin Law takes a series of steps after a potential client has contacted our firm to represent them in a matter.  These steps we take are to ensure we have accurate information to ascertain the scope of representation and so that we will not run into a conflict of interest during the term of our representation.  If you or someone you know is in need or has been wanting to reach out to an attorney, but are not quite sure how the intake process goes, we have prepared some steps for guidance.

Step 1: Personal Information and Issue

When Handelin Law receives a call or request of service through our website, the first action to take is to get basic personal information. This information includes first and last name, phone number, email address, and home address. When calling about a specific type of matter, more questions will follow so that we have basic information prior to running a conflict check and to ensure that the matter is within one of our practice areas.

Step 2: Conflict Check

The second step our firm will take is a conflict check. A conflict check is just a screening of past matters which ensures there will be no conflict of interest with a party involved in your matter. This means our lawyers will review all of the personal information and answered questions and will then go through a list of clients and matters and determine whether or not our lawyers have represented any interested party that would potentially be involved in the new matter. In some cases, when there is a conflict of interest, our attorneys will not be able to represent the potential client.  However, some conflicts are considered a waivable conflict, meaning an interested party can waive the conflict and allow our attorneys to represent you, but these conflicts are addressed on a case by case basis.

Step 3: Scheduling

Once all the personal information and information regarding the case has been entered into our system, and a conflict check has been signed off by all of our attorneys, a consultation may be scheduled. Handelin law offers one-hour consultations with a set fee, depending on the matter at hand. The consultation may be in person, telephone, or Zoom, any of which can be selected by the potential client.

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The intake process at Handelin Law is noticeably short and simple. If you are ready to schedule your consultation, give our office a call at 775.882.8032 or you may request a consultation with us online by clicking here.