7 Reasons You Need a Lawyer

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If you have been issued a traffic ticket or are involved in a small claims case, chances are you will not need a lawyer.  The answer to “When do I need a lawyer?” can be overly complex and often depends on the exact circumstances of your specific situation. The attorneys at Handelin Law identified 7 common reasons you may need a lawyer to help guide you in deciding whether to hire a lawyer for your particular circumstance.

Personal Injury

By their very nature, accidents happen fast, without warning, and usually at the worst possible time.  In order to maximize the benefits and recovery to which you are entitled, it is wise to have an advocate on your side fighting for you during your recovery.  Whether your injury was work-related, caused by a car accident or a defective product, a knowledgeable attorney at Handelin Law can assist you in your fight.

Someone in Your Family Died Without an Estate Plan

Another reason why you would need to hire an attorney is when a family member has passed without an estate plan. When a family member dies without an estate plan, it can lead to chaos: family members may start to argue about who gets what, money issues can sometimes arise, and more. Hiring an experienced probate attorney at Handelin Law can save you and your family a great deal of pain, stress, and confusion.

You Want to Start a Business

Starting a business without an attorney is possible; however, it is not recommended. Hiring one of our experienced business law attorneys at Handelin Law can help you navigate all the legal requirements of your company, ensure compliance with all applicable laws, as well as guide you through each step of building your business. This is especially true when your business involves a partner, where you need to set forth the respective rights and obligations of each partner to avoid potential issues before they threaten the business itself.

You Need an Estate Plan

While there are free or downloadable forms that websites offer as an estate plan, these are often unenforceable if not executed properly, they can leave out important considerations, and end up causing more harm than good.  A properly crafted and enforceable estate plan prepared by one of our top-notch estate planning attorneys will ensure you that your wishes are carried out by those who you appoint and will avoid costly litigation.  In doing so, you and your family will be able to enjoy one another and remember you for you, and not for the mess you left behind.

You are Going Through a Nasty Divorce

If you find yourself in an emotional or complex divorce where disagreements over assets, children, allegations of domestic violence, or finances arise, your first step should be to call Handelin Law and sit down with one of our family law attorneys.  Far too often emotion and anger control these discussions and decisions and our family law attorneys can guide you to a fair and proper resolution if one can be had; however, if litigation is required, we will fight for you and your children.


A Contract is Involved

When creating a contract between you and another person, it is crucial that you understand the terms and conditions you are being asked to sign and ultimately obligating yourself thereto. If you have an agreement that will legally bind you and you are not absolutely positive of the terms, sitting down with one of our Handelin Law lawyers can save you a significant amount of time and money by protecting you before you sign.

You Received a Letter from an Attorney

It is never ideal to receive a letter from an attorney (trust us, we know!), but it may be either a misunderstanding or an opportunity to resolve a dispute.  Our experienced attorneys can assist in either event.  It is usually not wise to communicate directly with another attorney, as you may unintentionally divulge damaging information or misstate your position which may be used against you.

If any of the above happens to you, or if you have other legal concerns, contact us today by calling 775.882.8032 or scheduling a consultation online.