3 Things You Should Know Before Forming Your Hemp Business

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In honor of National Hemp Month, Handelin Law wanted to review some key facts for those thinking about starting a hemp operation or for those who already operate.  If you are interested in starting your business, be sure to read our blog to ensure you are taking the appropriate steps. If you already own your hemp business, it never hurts to check back in to make sure you are still in compliance with the current regulations and you are protecting your company.

Real Property and Property Zoning

Prior to tackling the business side of your hemp project, you must ensure that your location is properly zoned and that the governing authorities allow hemp operations.  The zoning of the property will depend on which aspect of the hemp industry you are contemplating, whether it be cultivating, production, or handling.  If you have any questions regarding the ordinances and regulations in your area, please contact one of our experienced hemp attorneys to navigate the process.

Necessary Applications

Once the real property and local laws are addressed, the next step is to become properly licensed through the State.  In Nevada, the Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Program is the overall licensing authority, but as with the real property zoning, the type of application that you must complete varies with the intended operations.  If you are unsure of which application is applicable to your business, contact one of our experienced hemp attorneys to learn more.

Intellectual Property

Branding your operations and protecting your processes are vital to continued success as well.  From trademarks to potential patents, our experienced hemp attorneys can protect your business and your brand to ensure that your hard work does not go by the wayside.

If you find yourself ready and excited to start your journey in the hemp industry, give Handelin Law a call. We can help you get started we offer services in entity formation, pre-licensure and application preparation, coordination of professional services, and protection of intellectual property. Our attorneys are located in the Carson City, Reno and Lake Tahoe region and are ready to help you throughout Nevada and California. Just give us a call at (775) 882 8032 to schedule your consultation or click the hyperlink to be directed to our homepage where you can request your consultation. We look forward to working with you.