California Legal Services

California Legal Services

Handelin Law: Helping you with your California legal services needs

Are you searching for California Legal Services including Estate PlanningProbateLiving Wills & Trusts, and Business Formation? Contact Handelin Law to help to protect your legal rights and prepare for your future.

Estate Planning

People have ever changing needs at different times in their lives.  At Handelin Law, we approach each client personally, allowing your unique circumstances to help guide your estate planning decisions and plans. Creating an estate plan doesn’t take as much effort as you may think, and yet can help you gain tremendous peace of mind, for yourself and family members, even business partners.  Estate planning helps ensure your wishes are followed, including health directives and financial decisions.

Business Formation & Advisement

Do you know the goal of any business entity? Providing value for you and your customers/clients.  Value comes in several forms. It can be personal or business related asset protection. Most people find the best value is protecting you and your company while effectively delivering your services or products to your targeted customers. Handelin Law is here to help you set up the best business formation for your California business.

Steve Handelin is a proud member of the California Bar Association and American Bar Association.

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