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Most people have never been directly involved in a lawsuit, so when they find out they may need legal representation, they are understandably concerned. Lawsuits, either at the state or federal level, usually take on a life of their own, requiring the involvement of numerous people in addition to the attorneys and parties. To this end, most people who do find themselves involved in the lawsuit can be surprised by the amount of time and effort involved in litigation.

Litigation Overview

Carson City Litigation Lawyer

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The effort and time involved in a lawsuit can be intimidating when one looks at the entire process.  Handelin Law strives to connect with our clients and break down the various stages and anticipated costs of a lawsuit.  The case is constantly reviewed and analyzed for both strengths and weaknesses in order to pursue the best strategy for trial.

While each case is highly individualized and unique, each lawsuit goes through common stages.  However, prior to going to trial, there are several opportunities to resolve the dispute, and these are briefly explained below.

Negotiation & Settlement

In a perfect world, every matter would be resolved prior to even filing a lawsuit. However, as we all know, we do not live in a perfect world. Settlement prior to a lawsuit is often a cost effective and efficient means to resolve disputes, in addition to saving the parties’ time, money, and the emotion toll of a lawsuit. However, a settlement is always a possibility, even after the lawsuit is filed.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and Arbitration are the two common methods to achieve a resolution short of a lawsuit. Alternative Dispute resolution, commonly referred to as ADR, may be binding or non-binding. Regardless, the process is usually a worthwhile endeavor and we analyze your situation to determine if ADR is right for your case.

Administrative Remedies

Many claims and parties may proceed directly to state or federal court to file a Complaint. But there are some matters where a party must exhaust their administrative remedies, such as worker’s compensation, just as an example.

When forced to exhaust the administrative remedies, once must take every action necessary with a governing agency prior to filing a lawsuit. Generally, during the course of the exhausting the administrative remedies, the investigation presents the entire case before governing agency, and in fact may be the only opportunity to conduct an investigation, as a court may only have the administrative record before it when making a determination.

It is important to consult with an experienced attorney, such as Steve Handelin with Handelin Law, in order to ensure that your rights are protected should you be required to exhaust the administrative remedies.

For further information on additional litigation stages and details, please go to our Law Blog.

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